The Global Leadership Forum is a conference that brings people and global leaders together to wrestle with the toughest international issues while building relationships.


Our sustainable social and business models are creating a larger awareness and social Impact.



  • Promote International Development
  • Develop Sustainable Leaders by means of Programs, Trainings, Labs and Sustainable Learning
  • Promote cooperation with other countries


We Raise awareness about the actions carried out at local, national and international levels by institutions and governments in favor of innovation, dialogue, understanding and cooperation among peoples, cultures and religions and also act by implementing social and societal projects.


With a strong practical orientation, our models and frameworks have been developed from observations of best practice organizations based in different parts of the world. However, the principles of our sustainable leadership initiave are also well supported by evidence gathered by an international network of affiliated university collaborators, including masters and doctoral research students.






We are a Center and an Incubator of innovative ways to educate learners, future leaders and organizations at all levels to understand and engage with difficult global issues. We provide innovative sustainable solutions for world's pressing problems and crysis.


We develop new generations of effective and ethical leaders who are able and driven to comprehend complexity, reflect cultural and political nuance, and engage as responsible global citizens in anticipating and confronting the world's most pressing problems.


Building leadership skills and enhancing the capacity of individuals and organizations to address local and global challenges constitute a vital part of our mission. The long-term and short-term training programs arranged by our Center connects attendants and professionals with peers and colleagues around the world and prepare them for leadership on a host of urgent topics and issues – from climate change and renewable energy to and interfaith dialogue – essential to advancing peace and prosperity for all.


We are committed in innovation, sustainable academic Learning and entrepreneurship, as cornerstones of impact activity.


At the  Global Sustainable Leaders Center for Sustainability Leadership we work with individuals and organisations with the desire and potential to address critical global challenges.




Laura Petrache

USA - Romania - France - Italy - Europe


CEO and Founder of BE COM 1 LAB & AKT AS ONE - Intercultual Training Institute.


Leading Expert-Paragon Communication-Creator - Agyle - Innovative - Intercultural-Diligent political adviser-both in and out of the box thinking-peacekeeping missions-internationally experienced- pedagogy systems, sustainable learning and gender equality-


Yannick Le Guern

France - Africa - Middle East - The World

CEO and Founder of B1-AKT - Leading Sustainable Strategies and Paragon Communications


Leader-Sustainable Strategies-Archetype Communication-Deep thinker - Policy Maker-Entrepreneur - former advisor to the French Minister of the Interior-Lecturer-Humanist-High Political Adviser-Journalist-Change Maker- internationally experienced-Strategy and complexity expert-Network agregator


Seren Dalkiran

Netherlands - Turkey - Australia - The World

Co-founder Synergized Earth Network (SEN)

Initiator Millennial Motion: The Next Generation of Leadership

Ph.D. Researcher in Leadership & Organizational Paradigm-Global Change Agent & Lifelong Learner - Social Scientist, (Leadership) Educator, Systems Thinker,  Lecturer, Value-Based Entrepreneur, Coach, Advisor,  Documentary-Maker, Writer, Bridge-Builder across Generations, Disciplines, Stakeholders & Industries

Umesh Mukhi

India - Brasil - South America - Europe

Professor-Researcher in Sustainable development

 Sustainable Leadership Director of the Sustainable Leadership Initiative and Professor

at Faculty of Management Department at FGV EAESP, São Paulo School of Business Administration.


Entrepreneur - Transversal Research,  Analysis on Sustainability and Stakeholder Engagement,Cross-Cultural Leadership

Aleksandar Protic

Europe - USA - Africa - Russia - France - Serbia - UK

Vice-President of the European and North American Federation for UNESCO-French Federation for UNESCO Federal Counselor

- Harvard University Tesla CES Forum Chief Coordinator

Passionate for education, communication, research and creativity, in service of peacebuilding-Educator, Author, Community leader, Researcher, Social and Human Rights activist, Proponent of innovation





Adeline Popescu

Romania - Qatar - Greece - Europe

European metamorphosis project leader

European Identity thinker
Business solutions - commercial strategy-leading experience-complex projects-  communication adviser-co-leadership-Concept, organization, creation and follow up of custom made high standard events
-Editor of the European Federation for UNESCO Clubs


Culture - Project - Youth and Museums

B1-AKT Leading Sustainable Strategies & Paragon Communication

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