Latest Young Leaders

Zacharias  Malik

Leading Green Thinker

"I am a 22 years old British Pakistani, who has had the privilege to live in England, Pakistan, Egypt,  Libya, and work in Australia, Netherlands, and Switzerland. My ambition is to advise corporate leaders on how to best align their business strategies with global sustainability trends. I believe this would inspire urgency in implementing sustainable business practices, which return value to investors and help accelerate the transition towards a sustainable future.

I am the owner of ‘Green Thinking’ - a platform that enables students/young professional working and/or interested in educating readers on pressing sustainability issue with an opportunity to become part of a larger network of information sharing and collaboration. Currently a Young Ambassador for Oxfam GB, helping raise awareness and funds for the famine in Yemen, but also UK Country Co - Representative of YES - Europe. Today I focus on my role of Youth Advisor for Greenpeace UK, focussing on projects and campaigns that help accelerate the transition towards renewables for a clean powered UK."




Khaled Kaka

Leading Sustainable Entrepreneur


Khaled Kaka, is coming from Homs, Syria.

After starting marketing studies, he « had to flee the war, as to find his vocation as social entrepreneur and a Change-Maker in Paris. Thanks to his experience and natural born talent in bringing people together, MOSAÏC COMMUNITY was born.Mosaic Community is social project aiming to build diverse community coming from all backgrounds.

Khaled is multi-talented, passionate about digital marketing and building teams. He has a rich and diverse background in building projects. One of these projects is an app idea to help people move from the virtual world and connect more in the ‘’real’’ world. Presently, he is collaborating with ENSAD’s students for the implementation of the project « Cultivating Conviviality » within the framework of the 4Cs Project of the European Union – 4Cs meaning From Conflict to Conviviality through Creativity and Culture.

He is also developing his role as co-fonder of “Action Emploi Refugiés” , after dedicating himself to integration issues as co-founder of SILA "Bringing together Refugees" and Science Po Students

He is the founder of "Food Champions" NGO dealing with waste food issues. Inspirational Public Speaker- Khaled  talks about social innovation and  refugees integration issues.




Ben Sabry

Leading Change Maker

Sabri is passionate about event and produces TEDxIHEParis & Spark the change among other events within Wemanity. He believes he can change the world one life at a time. He has worked within numerous innovation teams and startups, playing the role of a middle man between them and large corporate entities.


He is also a social entrepreneur and has volunteered for many NGOs in the past 7 years. He believes that bringing the different key actors of society together can spark a social innovation movement contributing to effective solutions to challenging and often systemic social and environmental issues.




Iris Constantin

Leading Builder of cultural awarness

"In the past 8 years, ever since I graduated Business Administration from Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest I have been working for and with the communities from the position of parliamentary adviser and currently as expert within the Romanian National Commission for UNESCO. Working in election campaigns and parliamentary offices I had the privilege of interacting with diverse people from various backgrounds and assisting them in addressing their problems taught me a lot about commitment, generosity, adaptability, communication skills.


The most fulfilling experiences for me came from the gratitude expressed by people for my efforts in trying to help them, even if sometimes the efforts were not successful. The Romanian National Commission for UNESCO offered me the chance to make an impact at a higher level.


I, together with my colleagues, assumed and will continue to maintain an active role in bringing together all stakeholders - public and private institutions, NGOs, individuals - interested in reaching a sustainable development of society by exploring the opportunities and challenges in education, sciences, culture, communication and information. Joint, integrated efforts are needed to successfully address the aspirations of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted by the UN system in 2015. I embrace opportunities to promote Romania abroad, believing that global citizenship nurtures and highlights national identity."








We are looking for dynamic, engaged and driven individuals.


During your experience in our Center  you will foster your strengths and address areas of development.

You will prepare for leadership in both public and private sectors, and to work across all spheres of global society.

You will learn through peers, projects, play and design thinking, all within an immensely diverse community of individuals united in their drive and commitment to improve the state of the world.


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