Pierre-Julien Dubost

The World


CEO and Founder of CMA - Global Lifelong Learning Committee


Education - Culture- Systems - Networks - Ingeneer - Collaborative Projects


Pedagogical devices-Humanist-Sustainable learning -Sustainable Futures for all


Jean-Philippe LaMarche

France - USA


CMA - Lifelong Learning Committee - Project


Linguist steeped in and committed to intercultural collaborative projects


International press and journalism - Prospective - Trends-Society - Handicap Issues-Human Rights-"Singularity" Project Leader and Manager

Daniela Popescu

North America- Europe - Romania

President and Founder of the European and North American  Federation for UNESCO Clubs

Romanian Delegation for UNESCO Paris


Member in the Academic Board

of the Beijing Huijia Institute of Educational Sciences,China

Visiting Professor, Jilin Huaqiao University of Foreign Languages, China







François Guérin

Canada - America - Asia - Europe

Vice-president Counsel of York -

CS Viamonde and Mediator at Financial Services Commission of Ontario


Chair and Executive Director
ACFO Toronto

Sustainability-Civil rights-Leadership-Sustainable Learning-Conflict resolution-Mediation

Pavlina Proteou

Expert on CSR & SDGs, turned social entrepreneur-UK based, global, focus EMEA region-Greece-UK-Other Countries

A creative strategist and determined problem solver with 20+ years of robust experience as an expert advisor on EU projects, governments,


international organizations,consulting firms and leading private financial institutions.

Fulvio Caccia

Founder of  OCD-Observatory of Cultural Diversity-Founder of Combats Magazine

Italy-France-Canada-other countries

 Poet, novelist and essayist.  "Gouverneur Général" Prize

Writer, cultural networker,

Identy, diversity and cultural changements- linguistical aspects
Youth and cultural Diversity Forum-Artistical engagement and new forms of citizenship


Anca Dumitrescu

Doctor and Lecturer in History of Arts


Intercultural, Heritage and arts lover-Project bearer-

Professor at  Paris IV and Sorbonne University. UNESCO expert -Division of the cultural objects and the immaterial heritage- program

Section of museums and cultural objects


Stephane Bellocine

USA-France-Germany-Netherlands-Middle East-Cuba

American,Canadian,German,Spanish & British Chamber of Commerce. French-American Foundation.

He contributed to launch Time to Market IT products such as the Lan to Lan service of the big and dynamic French-American startup Completel in 2000, in order to provide high
speed and intelligent services over fiber rings in some business districts.

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