Archambault de Saint Amand

International Network Leading Expert

Networking and Partnership

Usa-Canada-Eastern Europe


Strong leadership and communication skills-Exceptional experience in developing content for various communication mediums
Huge knowledge of maintaining public relations-Deep knowledge of data management and assessment
Ability to multi task and prioritize work--Ability to coordinate with various population-Business development-Change management-Bid analysis
Decision making-Project appraisal-Problem resolution
Crisis management-Setting priorities-Data collection- Creativity – Ability to develop/innovate new techniques


Julie Delorme


International Leading Adviser for Consortiums USA-France

Strong knowledge of organization, subject matter procedures

Exceptional knowledge of departmental policies, procedures, and organizational relationships.

Exceptional ability to follow complex issues, Entrepreneurial by nature- Excellent analytical, problem solving and communication skills-Adaptable to change-Very organized or methodical-Exceptional ability to make decisions where precedents may not be established-Ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously as I served as a focal point of a dynamic, fast-paced business environment.


Juan Silva

Leading Business developer and Tech Entrepreneur 

Global Sustainable Leader 

Juan is a leading business developer professional and sustainability activist based in Berlin Germany. His international and interdisiplinary background make of him a global citizen acting mostly in Latin America and Europe. He is currently working on interdisciplinary research, innovation, creativity techniques, gamification and group dynamics at Humboldt University and the GameLab in Berlin. He is mainly interested in complexities of social constructivism, collective innovation techniques and sustainable initiatives. Juan is also a Rugby player in the Berlin Bruisers and an LGBT activist in industry.



Sameer Nawani

Indo-French Chamber of Commerce

Global Sustainable Leader 

Thought  Leadership

Connections and Networking



Sustainable Leadership Summit -Youth Association for Greater Europe-International Youth Forum Seliger- FCCI, representing the Paris Chamber of Commerce (CCIP)  Deputy Director of ASTech-Systematic Industry Clusters in India-Setting up CEE for providing Open & Custom Programs for Companies Engage in Business Development for the Programs -Leading the development of training activities at CFSRM- Liaising with International Universities & Professors, Government & Industry Bodies and Financial Services Companies






Leo Landon

Leading Change- Maker and Inspirator-France-Vietnam-Romania

Global Sustainable Leader 

"It is when we understand that sharing is loving, that we accomplish the very essence of humanity.

This lesson is profoundly anchored in my life : as I’ve been abandoned by my parents in Vietnam, and then adopted by my parents from France, I know how much sharing is true, and essential.

They gave me everything without expecting in return; but now that I grew up, I want to share what I received.

Studies of literature, philosophy and history, an experience in journalism and communication, gave me tools to think about the world, and how to contribute to change it.

Nowadays I devote myself to humanitarian and environmental causes (homeless people, refugees and the Amazonia forest), trying to make my contribution amongst all those people who make a change. Be inspired and inspire – that is a motto I follow everyday".





Asma Fendri

Leading International Project Manager

Global Sustainable Leader 

"My name is Asma, and I am 25 years old, a young woman from Tunisia, designer and recently graduated - a Master 2 in "Management of Cultural and Artistic Organizations" at the ISM of the University of Versailles - St Quentin en Yvelines.

As a change maker I wanted to build a positive impact and decided to co-found Link art projects, that aims to create an international network of young artists. Link art projects is a non-profit organization standing in favor of unity, social cohesion and mutual understanding.


We are creating artistic and solidarity projects that seek to build awareness on what each one of us can bring to each other. As I believe that everyone of us in this world is a MIGRANT !

I am currently assisting Viviane de Beaufort as Project Manager for Women Programs at ESSEC Executive Education, a prestigious Parisian Business School.


I am in charge of the marketing tools, commercial side and communication, as well as of the training programs and I am contributing to the developement of the "Génération #startuppeuse" Club, created to help & assist "Start-ups" founded by women.

Nowdays, I believe that we are living in a society that needs creativity and innovation but also a collaborative spirit… I believe that "sharing is caring"! We can change the world together !"




Merve Özsalan

Leading Intercultural Builder & Commited Lecturer 

Global Sustainable Leader 

"As someone who has pursued a complex and versatile career path, I worked in varied areas of broadcasting in Turkey for years while sharing my enthusiasm for history with tourists from all over the world.

I moved to Paris in 2016, where I earned a graduate degree in cultural management. I live and work currently in Paris in the field of cultural tourism. I am also one of the co-founders of Link art projects which is a non-profit organization based in Paris, that aims to engage a debate on social cohesion through various artistic events.

We have created Link art Projects with my friends so as to build a way of thinking and an awareness on what each one of us can bring to each other.The world today faces the spread of a sense of individualism and fear of the other highlighted even more by the significant migratory flows.

We believe that it is therefore necessary today, more than ever, to weave “links” through art and creation…. We have much more in common than that which divides us.

That is what I've learned in my professional life as well through various stories of human history that I shared with my guests and thanks to countless valuable conversations and interactions with people from all over the world".



Silvia Mendes

International Relations Leading Expert-Brazil-France

Global Sustainable Leader 


Born in Brazil, she migrated to France where she develops academic researches  related to International relations and social and environmental issues. Her Master’s dissertation, « The difficult task of integrating the ocean issues on the international climate change agreement of the United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) ».  Nowadays, she is a PhD candidate with a research focusing on climate migration issues, more specifically on the need to create a recognized international status for environmental migrants.


During the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21), had the opportunity to work for Unesco’s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC - Unesco), working closely with the SIDS, Small Island Developing States, that are actively engaged on the climate negotiations, due to their extreme dependance on a healthy ocean and to the extreme consequences their entire countries will suffer if climate change isn’t mitigated.


Also worked for the NGO SeaWeb Europ on the Development of international projects, communication and outreach, actively working to facilitate communication between scientific community and the civil society.



Lalit Gautam

International Leading Social Entrepreneur France-USA-


Lalit is social entrepreneur and change maker and founded four startups in past focused on sustainable development goals with one exit and now running an accelerator program for immigrant and foreign entrepreneurs who want to start their Impact startups. 


He has shown his problem solving and analytical skills since his college days and started working on  global issues like climate change and textile waste. Lalit is more concerned about social issues in India and developing nations and he believes Exponential Technology can be an important tool to solve such problems.He is a public speaker as well and has spoken on varieties of topics from the Future of SDGs to Civic education in the Arab world, unsustainable business model importance in startups to Human IQ vs Future of AI, etc at various platforms including UN HQ in Geneva.

He has won multiple fellowships including the Ashoka changemaker exchange, Bosch fellow, SOCAP, and He is part of many international youth organizations like world merit, make sense, and mentor in the various incubator and Global shaper in World Economic Forum. Lalit is an Indo American youth leader for the 2019 and ASEAN Youth leader for the year 2019 as well.




Bistra Stoimenova

Leading Expert for Trans-national projects -Bulgaria-UK

"My name is Bistra Stoimenova and I am a 26-year-old young woman from Bulgaria.

I graduated from BA in English Philology at Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski in 2015 and I am currently pursuing a second BA in Cultural Studies and an MA in Translation. I am a person of versatile interests, ranging from languages and science to photography and creative writing.


In 2009, I discovered the world of photography and today, 9 years later, I have been working as a photographer for 4 years now and I am pursuing an MA in Photography at Falmouth University, UK.

I have been part of the Executive Board of the National UNESCO Club for Scientific Expeditions (NCSE-UNESCO) – Bulgaria since November 2016 as the organization’s photographer-in-chief. In June 2017, I took part in a two-week expedition in Southern Bulgaria, part of the Friends of Bulgarian Treasures project, to capture the cultural and historical heritage of the area. Currently, I actively participate in all projects of NCSE-UNESCO initiatives.


Last year I created the Culture Crossroads project because I wanted to change the perception of the Balkans as a tourist destination and thus promote cultural heritage and sustainable forms of tourism. Apart from my work for NCSE-UNESCO and my personal project, I am also the managing director of an online photographic magazine, Capture Mania and I am a member of the Association of Professional Photographers in Bulgaria."


Key area of and topics of interests : photography, cultural heritage, history, linguistics

Key strengths : creative ideas and approach, hard work and determination, versatile knowledge




Monica Boța-Moisin

Leading Intellectual property lawyer expert-Germany-Romania

 Monica is a cultural intellectual property lawyer based in Berlin. She focuses extensively on creating a framework for the survival of traditional cultural expressions and building bridges between traditional craftsmanship and the fashion industry.


Author of various legal articles in both Romanian and foreign publications Monica has pioneered the terms ‘cultural intellectual property law’ and ‘traditional identity design’ within Romanian and international academia and has defined the “benefit sharing business model” for collaborations between the fashion and product design industry and traditional creative communities.


Monica graduated both from the Faculty of Law at the University of Bucharest, Romania and from Collège Juridique Franco-Roumain, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne in 2013 and is a member of the Bucharest Bar Association as a fully qualified lawyer. In 2015 she completed a master’s degree at the University of Bucharest with a focus on international

arbitration and in the summer of 2012 graduated from the Fordham Law Summer Institute, Fordham University, New York.

Currently, in Berlin, Monica is focusing on textile management in fashion and fashion law.

She loves sharing her knowledge through legal training workshops and speaking at conferences. Her TEDx Talk on “Cultural Fashion: Transform the Fashion Industry From Villain to Hero” is available online:



Natalia Baudoin

Leading Expert on Transition Design & Social Innovation Venezuela-Bolivia-Paris

Natalia Baudoin is a Bolivian and Venezuelan designer temporarily based in Paris. After obtaining her degree at the National Fine Arts School of Lyon (France) Natalia moved to Argentina where she worked with indigenous and marginalised communities developing productive activities enhancing crafts and native cultural knowledge. At the same time, she did a postgraduate course in furniture design and never ceased to develop creative design projects. She is also part of the Open Design International Network.


She believes that design can be a tool for social integration that enhances local identities, knowledge and culture. Her work is a dialog between her several cultural influences creating expressive objects with symbolic value.

Her work has been exhibited in Buenos Aires, and Córdoba (Argentina) and Paris (France).

She is also a dynamic leader of the project "Crafting for Change" that you can discover at 






Verena Riedmillerrelation

Leading Social Entrepreneur Germany-Europe

"It is my passion to strengthen the young, European civil society. Strengthening means widening it to disadvantaged groups, localising it to the outskirts of Europe, diversifying it through the involvement of all people living in the geographic area and connecting the actors within it. To this end, I founded the social start- up cube. Your take on Europe, for which I am working self-employed.


 Academically equipped through my Bachelor degree in European studies at Maastricht University and practically experienced through various projects (mostly in leading positions) and internships, I am working towards the success of the idea.
Next to my strong interest in (European) politics I am a dedicated environmentalist, blogging about zerowaste, giving speeches about how to live green and holding workshops on how to create zerowaste basics".

Verena is the founder of The CUBE.Your take on Europe

Cube. Your take on Europe is a social start-up concerned with Youth Participation in the context of European politics. Cube builds a direct, inclusive, bottom- up channel of youth participation, through a digital educational toolkit. Serving as a platform for European Youth organisations and to these ends operating as European Youth Lobby



Juliana Vrublevskaya

Leading Intercultural teacher Belarus-Europe

"My name is Juliana Vrublevskaya. I'm a teacher of English at Brest Gymnasium №1, supervisor of UNESCO Club "Mosaic", Master of Education. I believe in millenials. In my estimation, the future of my classroom starts in my classroom today. Young leaders need our inspiration and support. We should all encourage fresh, creative ideas, flexibility and unorthodox methods. Quite often given a similar task or project my pupils can turn it into something unbelievable that can take my breath away.


This indicates that it's high time we thought and acted in a new light. 
I always do my best to involve my pupils in various projects and the international voluntary initiative The Global Greeter Network is one of them. Today we should ask ourselves: What have I done to improve my surroundings in which I live? Do I spread racial hatred or promote peace and reconciliation? Do I expect everything to be delivered to me or do I work with my local councilors to create a better life for myself and my community? It's so easy to break down and destroy. The heroes are those who make peace and build. Communication and collaboration represent the baking powder in the cake, not the icing we put on afterwards "to sell" a bad cake.

Key area and topics of interests: education, sustainable communication, culture, linguistics, voluntary work, humanism.

Key strengths: positive thinking, flexibility, neverending self-education and multitasking.


More on:


Simon Nguye

Leading Change Maker Africa-France

Simon Nguye is the founder of FUMACO-TZ organization-Future For Marginalised Community. "I truly want to make a positive impact in the communities, as to improve human life by using my professional experience & empower people so that they can be able to address their challenges". In collaboration with a wide network of partners, Simon  works to facilitate an enabling struggling to address economic, social and physical need of the Tanzanian community so as to empower them and have a voice...





Iragi Zabona Dezaira

Global Shaper Africa-United Kingdom 

Iragi Zabona Dezaira an activist refugee Artist & Journalist from Congo and the founder of the Dezavidart Innovation (Dezaira Bin Zabona Art and Videography ) foundation. He opened up a free school for children called Dezavidart kids to help children with problems  (language barriers, financial issues, etc) to be enrolled in Uganda's system of  education. There chidren are exploring arts: photography, video, painting…

He is a global artist : " I love drowning with acrylic and make sculpture with mastic" says Dezaira . In addition to paintings, Dezaira also enjoys expressing himself through hip hop, video art, and poetry.






We are looking for dynamic, engaged and driven individuals.


During your experience in our Center  you will foster your strengths and address areas of development.

You will prepare for leadership in both public and private sectors, and to work across all spheres of global society.

You will learn through peers, projects, play and design thinking, all within an immensely diverse community of individuals united in their drive and commitment to improve the state of the world.




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