We look for individuals who can demonstrate their commitment to our Center mission, whether from professional achievements, personal accomplishments, community engagements or entrepreneurial endeavours. Individuals with character and spirit to maintain their core purpose and integrity amid ambiguity and unforeseen change.




We look for individuals who are globally minded and culturally sensitive. We highly value those who have international experience and have developed insights into the complexities and opportunities of the public and private sectors within a global context. We are keen to work with individuals who have either lived, worked or studied abroad or who are working on an international level across all sectors of society.




Our Organization is a fast-paced, demanding environment. This setting, coupled with an intensive full-time job and a rigorous academic curriculum, calls for the fortitude and attitude to persevere. It also requires the passion and commitment to achieve both short and long-term goals. A solid academic grounding, either a Master’s Degree or equivalent from a recognised university is also required.




We look for individuals who are curious, collaborative and critical thinkers; those who have the courage, commitment and ability to articulate, embody and help realize the change and possibility that the world needs. If you possess the drive to thrive and grow intellectually and emotionally, characterized by a strong will and service-oriented humility to contribute join us.You are expected to be a proactive contributor, engaged,share your insights and learnings with your team and our Leadership Forum community as a whole.

You are presented with a lot of opportunities to sharpen your skills and develop the people you lead. Our Leadership Forum is a proven tool that produces compelling outcomes for leaders who attend.



Our Core Values are an expression of both who we are and indeed, what we are. They are the Professional Principles and Behaviours which define our organisation and how we interact with our Clients, our Stakeholders and each other.


Sustainability is a core value of our team and founders, shaping our culture, informing our behavior, and is a guiding principle in everything we do. As a internationally recognized leader in sustainability, we draw on the Sustainability Center to act as convener, cultivator and champion of Global Sustainability Leadership around the world.




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