Innovative power is an important factor for continued social and economic development.



Our Center works with a variety of projects, events and materials on innovation.

The Center follows certain focus areas as:  innovation, environment and sustainability, creativity and culture, entrepreneurship, society, sustainable learning, global citizenship and sustainable communities.  


In our Center you will learn how new business models can help you respond to pressing sustainability challenges. We focus on using innovation to achieve sustainable growth.



The Labs offer a deep dive into topics which have been shaped around 7 key themes: Innovation, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Sustainability, Change Makers, Sustainable Communities, Long Life Learning.

The workshops use a collaborative and innovative learning approach with a strong emphasis on sharing real-life experiences and best-practice case studies. Attendees are encouraged to co-create sustainability solutions using creative problem-solving techniques and develop action plans to become effective change agents. There will be ample opportunities for discussion and debate, building on the knowledge and expertise of peers, academics and expert practitioners.


Individuals and organisations are searching for new ways of doing business, and more importantly for better and more sustainable solutions to the complex challenges we are facing in our world today.

The Change Maker Lab  is equiping motivated Change Makers with the knowledge, tools and skills to have direct, real world impact and contribute to a more resilient, abundant and equitable future. By offering a holistic programme -with a series of public engagement events and workshops – we aim to create a space in which participants are able to develop socially and environmentally purpose driven initiatives and ideas, and to ultimately enable participants to become leaders of change. Our programme offers an equally substantive and academically rigorous grounding in both social and environmental sustainability – which we recognise as inextricably linked and mutually dependent. Find out more by addressing us an e-mail to:




We help Organizations and Leaders produce tangible economic, environmental and social benefits, and also to build long-term business success.

Who can Participate

Our Training Programmes, Labs and Immersive Workshops are addressing a large public: 


NGO’s, Universities, Schools, Diplomatic Missions, Embassies, Foundations, International Organizations, Chambers of Commerce, Private Companies, Young Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Change Makers, Life Long Learners, Millennial Leaders, SME’s  (small and medium enterprises)…


Professional development:

Our long history of running professional development training courses has shown that there is an increased value to organisations when they send multiple participants to share the learning experience. To facilitate this, we offer organisations and institutions a substantial discount when they send more than one participant. We convene, inspire, and empower individuals and organisations to take leadership to tackle critical global challenges.


Our Leadership:

We bring together leading academics and international business and policy practitioners to generate new ideas, tools and practical recommendations to help leaders address the challenges of sustainability.


Field Leaders:

We select the most appropriate leader for each individual programme from our exceptional range of associates and experts, many of whom are expert in the changing external context, business strategy, innovation, collaboration, leadership for sustainability or in organisational change.

High Impact and Leading Programmes

Our High-impact:

We convene, inspire, and empower individuals and organisations to take leadership to tackle critical global challenges. We also convene partners around problems of shared interest, then work with them to identify solutions and advocate change. By bringing together researchers with influential practitioners from across the globe, we foster an exchange of ideas across traditional boundaries to generate new, actionable thinking.


Our Leading Programmes: Our programmes are tailored for a large public: senior business executives, young entrepreneurs as well as government and NGO leaders. They attract senior leaders and decision-makers from many different industries and functions internationally. Bringing diverse groups together is vital to many of our programmes – we create a space to share and foster ideas that cross traditional boundaries and that can deliver impact up and down the value chain.


Our Leading Programmes are customisable and flexible: Our programmes are fully customisable. They range from tailoring our flagship open programmes for specific audiences, to creating completely bespoke programmes which meet clients’ learning and organisational development needs.


We deliver impact through addressing real business issues: All of our leading programmes – have a strategic and practical approach to developing sustainable business strategies and processes. We support leaders to create strategies for action that address both their current challenges and the necessary scale of ambition. In practical terms, we provide access to the latest evidence, to diverse perspectives and cross-disciplinary thinking, to new business models and innovations, and to decision-making tools and scenarios

Taillored Programmes & Immersive workshops

Our Social Model:

We help companies and institutions to make a strategic breakthrough by bringing sustainability to the forefront of their business model and social purpose.

Our experience approaches strategic leadership, entrepreneurship, capacity building and organizational change.


Our Immersive Workshops:

Our immersive workshops will help you tackle emerging opportunities for a more sustainable business. With access to cutting-edge insight and best practice, you will continue your professional development; collaborate with practitioners and network with peers – with real application to your organisation. Future topics will be decided based on emerging trends and delegate demand. We welcome your suggestions and encourage you to get in touch if you would like to recommend course content or discuss further.


Our Tailored Programmes :

We work in partnership to create high quality, tailored programmes to meet your organisational needs. Powerful, memorable, experiential learning experiences ensure a measurable return on your training investment. Drawing on our extensive network of international experts, from business and beyond, we work with you to design and deliver an effective and inspiring journey that is participatory and outcome-orientat ed, enabling you to achieve your organisational needs.Find out more by addressing us an e-mail.

Join our Forum and summit your Leaderhip Projects to

Sustainability recognizes the interconnectedness of social, environmental, and economic systems, and takes an integrated approach to meeting the needs of the present without constraining the ability of future generations to meet their own needs

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